Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery bearings must be able to operate in extremely challenging conditions, from dry and abrasive environments to wet, corrosive, highly polluted environments, and need to meet the requirements of long life and durability under heavy load conditions, so as to solve the problem of farm machinery. Masters have the tough challenge of maximizing output by reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

There are also many types of equipment in agricultural machinery. The occasions and uses are different, so the bearings used are also different. The commonly used bearings in agricultural machinery are: agricultural machinery ball bearings (round hole, square hole or hexagonal hole, lock ring, relubrication) oil hole or nozzle), angular contact ball bearing, outer spherical bearing, needle roller bearing, tapered roller bearing, etc.

The high humidity in spring and autumn is a real test for agricultural farming. The hard soil quality tests the ultimate strength of all mechanical parts, which requires stronger bearing capacity of the bearing of the farming machinery.

Tillage machinery bearings are often integrated with flanged housings to simplify assembly. If the coulter disc is connected to the bearing, it is installed on the plough face with a certain inclination angle, and the bearing needs to bear the lateral load, overturning moment and radial load.

Products for tillage machinery include insert ball bearings and housing units, sealed deep groove and angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, hexagonal and square bore bearings, as well as idler units and chain drive idler pulleys tooth unit.

Time: 2022-06-14